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Professional Support and Patient Care Services

Professional Support Services

Southern Diabetes provides the conduit to a professionalĀ support services network that includes:

  • Specialist Physicians and General Practitioners in your area,
  • Diabetic Nurse Educator/Practitioner,
  • Dietician,
  • Podiatrist,
  • Wound treatment Nurse


Patient Care Services

Southern Diabetes patient care services include:

Education on the management of diabetes and related lifestyle issues such as:

  • Diabetes medication
  • Healthy eating for all occasions
  • Managing the stress of living with diabetes
  • How to be more physically active
  • How to motivate yourself
  • Blood sugar testing
  • Assessment of home management and coping strategies
  • Support for the family through visits, telephone contact and advocacy
  • Crisis management / intervention
  • New diabetes research and management tips


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